2015 KIDS

Celtic-Knot Sky's Indigo Luna had Quads!!

Buck Kid. SOLD!
Buck Kid. Sold

Wellwood Farms Clara May had Triplets!!

Doe Kid. SOLD
Buck kid. Sold
Buck Kid. SOLD!

Woodland Trails CoCo Moon "Beanie's"                                        Quads!!!

Woodland Trails Nelson. Wether kid SOLD. Nelson is going to live with the Dyce family. Thanks!
Woodland Trails Jelly Bean. Buck kid. Blue eyes SOLD!
Woodland Trails CoCo Bean. Blue eyed buck kid. SOLD
Woodland Trails Beanie Baby. Doe Kid. Brown eyes. SOLD

Woodland Trails Crown Jewel's Triplets

Crown Jewel & her triplets.
Woodland Trails Honey Opal. Doe kid SOLD! Thanks Jewels!!
Woodland Trails Rebel Rouser. Blue eyed Buck kid. SOLD
Woodland Trails My Rebel Son. Buck kid. Brown eyes. SOLD

Dixie Girl's Buck Kids

Dixie Girl's Buck kids Sold
Dixie's Buck kids

Butter Milk's Twin Buck Kids